Thursday, December 26, 2013

Drafting a wrap dress from an a line bodice

In this part of the world you don't get any sewing patterns you either have to draft your own or buy the dresses that are available in stores, so when I saw this pattern I thought why not draft it myself it looked simple and easy and this is how I did it.

drafting a wrap dress

If you like to buy this you can find it here

This was more of a trial one but turned out well, I did not have enough coordinating fabric so I had to add neck facing.

There are many possibilities with this design you can use two different fabric one for the front and  another for the back , you can choose to
attach neck facing or binding if you don't want a reversible dress or make it exactly as it is, the choice is yours.

 You can use a line bodice and make the  following changes to it.

If you want to make it reversible you will need to cut two pieces for back and two for front.
I usually take two sheets of paper( mostly ikea paper bags) fold them length wise, draft the pattern as shown above. I cut the back first remove one sheet and  then cut the front.
If you  do not wish to make it reversible you will have to cut  neck facing for back and front as shown below.

facing for wrap dress

 This dress is sewn just as any other reversible a line dress and I think there are many tutorials out there that you can refer to, I didnt take any pictures while I was making this one but my next post will definitely be on how to sew this type of dress. So until then take care and have fun.


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